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Musli Power Xtra

Musli Power Xtra
Brand: Kunnath Pharmaceuticals
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In the era of stress and pressure, all of us have been working endlessly and have been getting prone to one or more condition including sexual weakness as well. Great landmark brand in the field of healthcare and medicine, Kunnath Pharma manufactures a wellness pack for men who are capable of removing all sexual problems and enhancing sexual drive. The manufacturer Kunnath Pharmaceuticals is a well-known company that put in all the efforts for digging out the secrets of Ayurveda and presents it to the common mass for their wellbeing.

Musli Xtra Power fixes erection related problems. Most of the men face weak erections at later ages and becomes a roadblock to the sexual excitement. Having penile erection is the most important part of lovemaking session, as without it sex cannot happen.

Safed Musli is a perfect sex stimulator as it helps in solving all the issues that are related to penile erection in men and aids in rejuvenating their love life.

The component in the medicine helps in enhancing semen volume. Semen is known for playing a vital role in the sex cycle. It is known for protecting semen and keeping them active and healthy. It not only enhances the lubrication and but also improves sexual pleasure too. Kapikachu in the medicine Musli Xtra Power helps in increasing the semen volume and also serves as the best aphrodisiac.

Low sperm count is the most common reason that does not allows you to have kids. And the condition of low sperm count could be due to a variety of external or internal factors. Numerous men around the globe could not taste the sweet parenthood due to the low sperm count. Thus, Ashwagandha in the capsules helps in improving the sperm count.

Medicine Musli Xtra Power helps in curing Premature Ejaculation. The man who reaches his orgasm 50% more time earlier than a woman is suffering from premature ejaculation. Muringa, an ingredient in the medicine helps in preventing premature ejaculation. Besides it also improves the blood circulation.  Tribulus and Dhatri in the medicine prevent various urinary tract infections and slow aging as well. The component helps in bleeding disorders and even serves as a powerful cure for asthma.

The minimum age for an adult for using such capsules is 21 years. Anyone that is above this particular age limit can use the medicine without any worries. Usually, the dosage is prescribed as two times a day for an individual.

Capsules of Musli Xtra Power are easy for consumption and are handy in form. Man can use them wherever they want and wherever they are! 2 Capsules in a day is prescribed in most of the cases. Capsules can be consumed both with Milk or warm water and not by any other means. Take one capsule in the morning after your heavy breakfast and one just before you go to bed at the night.

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