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Proscalpin 1mg

Proscalpin 1mg
Fortune Health Care
Brand: Fortune Health Care
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Proscalpin is composed of finasteride to be the best hair loss medication that money can buy. The medicine can be used by men who that are usually suffering from male pattern baldness and who wish to slow down the process and need new hair to grow on their scalp where they are actually losing it. This medicine is another brand for the most popular hair loss medication of all time.

Proscalpin medicine is categorized as a type II 5 reductase inhibitor. This means that it works by inhibiting the functioning of 5-alpha reductase. This is an enzyme, which is held necessary for testosterone to be transformed into dihydrotestosterone in the scalp. This is a hormone variation that has been identified as responsible for follicle death and the complete loss of hair. Through the inhibition of the conversion process, the medicine lowers the levels of DHT and slows down the hair loss process as a whole.

You should keep the medicine Proscalpin away from the reach of heat, direct light, and moisture. They should also be kept out of reach of children.

The medicine is best consumed regularly, one tablet daily for at least 12 months. One should consume this medicine with a full glass of water. In case, the physician schedules any checkups for you, make sure to do them as this shall help in lowering the chances of any unwanted effects.

The medicine comes in 1 mg tablets and the usual dosage is consuming only one tablet per day. Proscalpin overdose is not lethal but it can lead to some unwanted and severe health issues. One should avoid consuming the medicine in excess. In case of a missed dose, it is important for consuming the tablet as soon as possible. If the next scheduled dose is close, skip the one you missed and continue with the usual regimen.

The medicine Proscalpin should never be handled by small children and pregnant women. The active component, finasteride might be absorbed through the skin and it might lead to some unwanted effects in small children and pregnant women as the ingredients pass into the blood of the fetus. Research has also suggested that taking of Proscalpin might enhance the likelihood of developing prostatic cancer.

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