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1. What are generic ED drugs?

Ans: ED stands for Erectile Dysfunction. Generic ED drugs are the replica of branded counterparts. For instance, Fildena is the generic version of brand Viagra as both of them are actively composed with Sildenafil Citrate; hence, they have same action mechanism, dosage, directions, safety and side effects. The only difference between them is the cost; generic ED drugs are cheaper as compared to their branded versions.

2. Are these medicines therapeutically effective?

Ans: Yes, they are as effective as the brand medicines. The active ingredients of these generic medicines are already approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Hence, there is no doubt about their therapeutic effectiveness.

3. Why generic ED medicines are cheaper?

Ans: A brand medicine undergoes various processes such as production, development, advertisement, marketing, promotions, etc. Therefore, the cost rises. On the other hand, a generic medicine doesn’t need to undergo such processes. Hence, it is cheaper as compared to its brand counterpart.

4. Do I need prescription to purchase generic medicine?

Ans: Normally, generic ED drugs are safe in use. You can buy generic ED medicine online without prescription through internet pharmacies. However, it is imperative to seek medical help before buying these anti-impotent drugs.

5. Can women with impotency use these medicines?

Ans: There is a specific medicine called Filagra Pink, which is formulated for females with impotency issue. It is essential to use this medicine after conferring a medical professional.

6. How should I purchase medicines from this store?

Ans: Simply choose a medicine you intend to purchase, sign up with the website and make the payment. It is really easy to order. After order, we will notify you through a confirmation mail with all the details like shipping and expected date of delivery.

7. Can I share my vital credentials during payment, such as credit card details?

Ans: Absolutely! It is completely safe to share your details with us, as we guarantee total confidentiality of all your credentials. We do not share any details of yours with any other person. Moreover, we apply encrypted software technologies that help secure all your details.

8. Do you ship medicines all across the world?

Ans: Medications are shipped worldwide except countries like .

9. From where do you get these ED medicines?

Ans: We get all generic ED drugs from certified and renowned pharmaceutical companies such as Fortune Healthcare, Ajantha, Cipla, Dr. Reddy’s, Ranbaxy, etc. Every medicine is scrutinized well before keeping it for selling.

10. Do you provide any kind of discounts?

Ans: Yes, we do provide discounts but with certain terms and conditions. In addition, we offer timely discounts and offers regularly to our customers. So just keep checking in to find attractive offers.

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