V Wash Plus

V Wash Plus
Brand: Glenmark Pharmaceuticeuticals Ltd
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V Wash Plus containing lactic acid as the main chemical solution in this applicant. This is a hygiene wash medicated applicant manufactured by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd for women to keep their genital area fresh.



The use of V Wash Plus is necessary for the growth of friendly bacteria in the region that helps keep away fungal and other such infections. The product also helps moisturize the intimate area. This solution prevents itching and offers protection from bad odour.


This also helps to prevent unpleasant odours, itching, and some irritation in the intimate area. This is a liquid intimate wash for women is enriched with tea tree oil and sea buckthorn oil which contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals along with antioxidants, and amino acids. This is an intimate hygiene wash that can be used daily, during period days, pregnancy, and post-working out. 


A woman might need V Wash Plus for taking some extra care of such sensitive intimate parts. There will not be any adverse effects of the solution. One can stay assured with the application of this super-effective medical product. The solution is one of the hygiene wash medicated applicants that is formulated for aiding the intimate needs of women. Composed of lactic acid, tea tree oil, and sea buckthorn oil is safe and extremely effective for safety outcomes. 


How to Use:

Simply apply some solution at any time of the day for being fresh. It is easy for application and it can also be applied simply by just taking a few drops onto the palm and gently massaging the intimate area for allowing it to perform the job. Wash the hands neatly before and after-application of the solution.


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