Filagra Pink 100

Filagra Pink 100
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Filagra Pink 100 manufactured by Fortune Healthcare Ltd is a medicine similar to male erectile dysfunction as women also form some problems of their own which are sexual. Contrary to the belief, the sexual problems are not in males, but also present in different forms in the females as well. You may as well term this as female sexual dysfunction or (FSD).

Active Ingredient:

Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg is the main active component present in this medicine. The drug has a direct impact on brain chemicals. So, the drug can be employed by women who have very little sexual desire.


The prime use of this tablet is to assist females who are facing through their post or premenopausal phases. Moreover, the issues having relation with sexual drive normally are very widespread in women. Besides, in women mostly who are reaching their pre-menopausal phase. Additionally, Filagra Pink 100 can aid females in boosting their interest in a penetrative sexual acts or only sexual act, in general.

However, female sexual difficulties remained under the veil until few years ago. Also, females never discussed these problems due to shyness or social stigma. Additionally, the drug can offer an additional boost that will aid females to regain their vanishing libido. Thus, they will be ready for lovemaking and sexual activity.


The use of alcohol with the Filagra Pink 100 pill can cut down the efficacy of the drug. Additionally, females eating a heavy fatty diet can cause this drug to use up a lot of time for starting the action. Also, the ingestion of this magic tablet can bring on dizziness. Therefore, you need to avoid taking part in various activities such as driving and operating machinery. The possible side effects of this pill are headache, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, stomach pain, flushing, etc.


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